Sunday, 11 February 2018

Duffy Assembly - Recount

WALT: Write a recount with the right structure
WALT: Use interesting words to make your recount more exciting
Have you ever been to a Duffy assembly before? You don’t know what you are missing, aye.

Pt England School were lucky enough to enjoy our first Duffy assembly for 2018, last Wednesday.  As we walked to the hall, I wondered what story we were going to see acted out.

We sat in the hall in our classes.  The actors introduced themselves, Melanie, Ashley and Duffy. We tried to sing the Duffy song.  It was pretty sad, not a lot of people actually sang.  The actors did the sign language version of the song. That was pretty cool.  

The story they acted out was about a girl named Melanie and she was being bullied by Ashley.  Ashley would say unkind things and take her lunch.  It was really sad.  Melanie liked to read especially when she couldn’t sleep at night.  

My favourite part of the assembly was when Duffy stood up for Melanie.  I think that was cool and the right thing to do.  It’s just like the Pt England way.  

I learned that being a bully is not cool, but being kind is.

I can’t wait till the next Duffy assembly!

Task Description: This week we wrote a recount about the Duffy assembly that we had a school this week.

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