Sunday, 11 February 2018

About My Group - Gumboots True or False

Walt: Explain in my own words what my group name means using the readings.

Walt: Follow instructions and complete work to a high standard and learn about my group name through reading

True or False
Evidence from the text
Taihape is the Gumboot capital of New Zealand
Pg 18 - at the start of the article it is written at the top that Taihape is the capital.
The Gumboot Festival only happens every four years.
Pg 18 - Every year, at Easter, Taihape holds a Gumboot Festival.
No one in the town puts in any effort or time to practice.
Pg 18 - The whole town puts in lots of practice for the world-famous
gumboot-throwing competitions.
The first gumboots were made in New Zealand in 1843.
Pg 19 - Gumboots were first made in New Zealand in 1943
The Duke of Wellington’s boots were made out of leather.
Pg 20 - The Duke of Wellington’s boots were made of leather.
Most farmers still prefer to wear black gumboots on the farm.
Pg 21 - Most farmers still prefer black gumboots.
You can only buy gumboots in one colour and that is black.
Pg 21 -  but these days gumboots are sometimes made of plastic, and you can buy them in any colour you like.
In the book there is something called a rare gumboot tree.
(Take a picture of this one and place it in the evidence box).

Task Description: Fill out the table and answer true or false to each of the statements and then provide evidence from the text.

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