Thursday, 15 June 2017

The flipping coin catcher

Miss West wanted us to do a fun experiment for writing, it was called the Catching Coins Challenge.

Miss West didn't have enough coins for us all, so we used counters instead.  At the beginning of the game you get one counter.  You have to put it on your elbow and then flick your arm and try and catch it.  If you can catch one, you get another counter to add to your elbow.  The winner is the person who can catch the most counters.  Most of my class could catch 12 counters. No one got more than that.  It was easy when we started off, but when I got to eleven counters it got hard.

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

In the morning we went to assembly.  We did our waiata.  We sat down, Mr Burt was talking a lot and telling us lots of information.  We were watching movies from Team 1 to Team 4.  Team 5 didn’t have a movie. Team 2’s movie was how to make kites.  The team 2 teachers made kites, and when they were ready they showed their kites.  Miss Tumahai showed her kite to the rest of her team and they were amazed.  They flew their kites. Team 4 are talking about how Maori fishing technology has changed over time.  Team 5 is looking at how to make the school clean.  My favourite part was Mr Wiseman pretending to Bob the Builder and singing the Bob the Builder song in a funny way.