Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Year 5 and 6 Camp

Camp Reflection - Year 5 & 6 Camp

Walt: add detail to our writing to support our ideas
Walt: reflect on events and our experiences

Are you ready kids?  Aye, Aye Captain!  I can’t hear you.  Aye, Aye Captain!  
This term we had an amazing year five and six camp at Pt England School. I am going to tell you about some of the great activities I enjoyed at camp, including a couple of my highlights.

I really enjoyed the kayaking activity, our performance night and going to the Mangere pools. I had the best time at camp, because I was in the same camp group as my two best friends, AJ and Josh.  We were in the Captain's group with Mr Goodwin.

My first camp highlight was kayaking at the beach, OH MAN it was super windy. We had to eat our morning tea while running to the beach. Mr Burt and his helpers taught us how paddle in kayaking.

Our camp performance night was funny.  The song that the Captains danced to was called, The Best Song Ever from One Direction. We had four lines and I was in the third line.  Miss
Haare taught us the ‘Hit The Folks’ dance routine.  I liked the Sheriff's dancing the best.  My dad had to get up on stage with the other kids to play a game using a sandal.  He said that it was a Samoan compass.  I thought that was funny.

We went to Mangere pools on our last day of camp. I tried to do a BIG manu bomb...but I failed, and I hurt my back.  My back turned red, and I was winded. But I am OK now.

We learnt how to hold the paddle for a kayak properly.   I also learnt about myself that I like to wear other people's hats.

I would recommend that other kids do camp so they can have fun like me, and learn how kayak too.

I would like to thank Mr Sommerville, the teachers and helpers who provided this camp for the year five and six, also a big thank you to Mr Burt for giving us two day off for us.

Keep your cat's Inside

Walt: read to add to our information and current knowledge

Here is my work about Predators and Pests.

About my Group - Maungarei

Walt: research a topic and display findings in our own words.

My reading group is Maungarei.  Here are some of the things I learnt about Maungarei.

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