Sunday, 11 February 2018

About My Group - Gumboots Questions

Walt: Explain in my own words what my group name means using the readings.

Walt: Follow instructions and complete work to a high standard and learn about my group name through reading.

GUMBOOTS - Janet Pates
1.Where is the Gumboot capital of New Zealand?

2. Why do you think they call it the Gumboot capital of New Zealand?
Because they have a Gumboot Festival.

3. How often do they have a Gumboot Festival? When in the year is it?
The Gumboot Festival is held every year at Easter time.

4. What are some of the competitions listed in the book?
Best decorated gumboots, gumboot art awards, gumboot-throwing.

5. How long ago were Gumboots made?
In England about 200 years ago.  Gumboots were first made in NZ in 1943.

6. Explain the story of the first Gumboots in your own words:
The Duke of Wellington needed some boots made that he could go thru mud
and water, boots that look good and were comfortable.  He went to his
bootmaker and asked him to make these kind of boots.

7. When were Gumboots first made in New Zealand and why?
1943 - for farmers to use on their farms.

8. What is the difference between The Duke of Wellingtons boots
and the boots made for farmers?
The Duke of Wellingtons boots were made from leather and famers
boots were made from rubber.

9. Why are they called Gumboots in Australia and New Zealand?
Because they are made from the gum of the rubber tree.

10. In YOUR OWN WORDS describe why gumboots are black:
In the olden days to make the rubber gumboots strong, carbon was mixed with the rubber.

11. What is one goal you have for reading this year?
To be better than last year.

Task Description: Read the story Gumboots by Janet Pates and answer the questions above.

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