Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Week 9 Narrative Writing

Rita Cheetah, Jack T. Jaguar and the Crystal D. Panther were so hungry their bones were sticking out, because they hadn’t eaten for a week.The Crystal was hunting  she found five fishes.  Crystal killed the five fishes. They ate the five fishes and they found a boat with shelter.The panther,cheetah and the jaguar were sleeping in the boat underneath the shelter. When they woke up they were in a place called Australia.

The cheetah,jaguar and the panther saw a man with a hat. The man had a GPS. The man said “My name is Arthur. How can I help you?” The Rita,Jack and Crystal try to run away but they fell run into to a trap they couldn't get out so they start to jump to get out but it was high.Arthur fell down and put a GPS on their neck so wouldn't get lost. The cheetah,jaguar And the panther roared and were scratching the dirt on the side. Arthur said “stop that down they.”

The cheetah,jaguar And the panther got out of the trap they took the gps off they neck they ran away.They were in a forest and they heard guns shooting so they hide in a place where no one would kill they.the shooting stop they peck outside but they were too scared to run away from the forest. The cheetah,jaguar And the panther ran as quickly as they can they the guns start to shoot again then  they went to the boat but they couldn’t start the boat so they ducked under boat, but they the start they it start to move. Then they were gone never to been seen again.

                THE END!!!

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