Thursday, 17 November 2016


Last week on Wednesday our whole school except the year 7&8’s went to the bus. The year 7&8s didn’t go  because they go in the afternoon. The years 1 to 6 went to there class when the first bell went to class and the teachers Said to the children “line up in two lines to go to the bus,”then the children line up then went to the bus and then we left.When we got there we said to the bus driver “thanks bus driver.

After we said that we walk to the pass people Sylvia park Hoyts to watch our Film Festival movies. When our school got inside of the Hoyts we sat in to groups of two. We waited for the begin of our movies. When our class movie I was embarrassed because I was in the movie for most of it.

When it the lights turned on our whole school wanted to watch other movie but not me because I know that I can watch all the movies at school. When our school came back to school we went to the hall then Mrs Jacobsen let classes to their class watch all of the other schools movies. Then our teacher said “stop look and listen” then we said back “stop look and listen” the teacher said “it’s lunchtime now pack up silent.”

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