Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Saving Poormans Stream

Walt: Understanding and explaining what pollution is.

Walt: Being able to find the main points from a reading and write these in my own words.

Saving Poormans Stream

Questions about the reading:

What did Mitchell see in the stream?
Mitchell saw lots of rubbish in the stream like 4 broken chairs, chip packets, glass and plastic bottles.
Where is Poormans Stream?
Poormans Stream is behind Stoke, Nelson.
What is a SHMAK?
A SHMAK is a Stream Health Monitoring and Assessment Kit.
What is the care code for Poormans Stream?
The care code for Poormans Stream is don’t litter, don’t walk through the stream unnecessarily and don’t move rock as this may disturb the bugs and they may be swept away.
What did Mitchell organise his school to do? Why do you think this is important?
Mitchell organised his school to clean up the stream on world environment day.  I think this was important because they probably helped to make the mess.
When is world environmental day?
World Environment Day is always held on June 5th.
What is world environmental day?
World Environment Day is a special day to give us a chance to think about how we can help protect the planet.
What did the Nelson Council decide to do to help?
The Nelson Council offered to pick up any large items and get rid of them at the tip.
Why do you think Mitchell wanted to clean up the stream?
I think Mitchell wanted to clean up the stream because he wanted to do his bit to look after the planet.
Do you think what he was doing will help?
Yes I think it will help because now others can help too.
Is there a stream by us that we could clean up?
Yes we have the Omaru Creek near Pt England School.
How do you think we could do something like this with our school?
We could try and do the same thing that Mitchell did with his school, a big clean up.

True or False?
The stream has no rubbish and is completely clean.
Pg 26 - it was full of rubbish.
Most of the rubbish found were plastic bags.
Pg 26 - There were 4 broken chairs dumped in the stream. There was other rubbish, too, mostly chip packets and glass and plastic bottles.
World environment day is held every 5th of July.
Pg 29 - World Environment Day is held on 5 June every year.
Mitchell organised a group of his classmates to help clean up the stream.
Pg 28 - So he decided to organise a group of his classmates to clean up the stream.
The SHMAK is a kit used to collect information about the streams health.
Pg 27 - This kit is used to collect information on a stream’s health.
The stream runs past no schools in the area.
Pg 26 - When Mitchell Chandler biked past the stream that runs alongside his school.

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