Tuesday, 6 December 2016


On last week Friday we went to the courts and line up into one line of boys and girls. Mrs burt said a karakia next Mrs Burt gave the microphone to Miss Va’Afusuaga and Miss Va’Afusuaga let term by term. When 11 and 12 we went to shot put and tanielu telta was there for Shot Put. When we got there we got into to line one line was for the computation side and for fun side.My friend came first in Shot Put,I came second in shot put.  

Then our second activity was tug of war, Te Aurere played Hokule’a and Te Aurere won then the other one was Hine Moana played Hikianalia and Hine Moana won and they were hugging each other then next Te Aurere played Hikianalia and Te Aurere and Te Aurere won again then the next round is Hine Moana and Hokule’a, Hine Moana won again then it came down to the finals and it was Hine Moana and Te Aurere, Hine Moana beat Te Aurere in the finals, the children played the parents and the parents beat the children, we had High Jump after out tug of war, I was scared because I was not going to make it into the finals but I made it into the semi-finals, it was my last jump and I didn’t make it but Josh and Lennox made it in the finals.

After lunch eating we went to the courts we chose the best runner from year 5 to year 8 and the Year 5 to 8 was on the side near the fence and the years 1,2,3,4 were on the side near the court’s then show an example how to race  then then Hikianalia came first next was Hine Moana third was Te Aurere.  The the next race was the kid’s playing Adults and guess what, the kid’s came first then it was the end of the day.

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